Club Seventeen - Nata Ocean @ 2020-03-30



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Stuck and fucked Don’t you just hate it when you misplace your phone and you can’t remember what the fuck just happened? I mean it was here a minute ago, did it disappear? What kind of sorcery is this? And of course, dad isn’t any help! He just sits his ass on the couch “relaxing” and when I asked him to help me look for it you know what he did? He just took a fucking look around and said it isn’t there. I’ve searched the whole place so I went to check under the bed. Just my luck, I get stuck! What the fuck? And dad’s just laughing and instead of giving me a helping hand do you know what he did? He started fingering me! Way to set an example! Next thing I know it, he starts fucking me from behind and I can’t do anything about it! But I have to admit I did enjoy it. I haven’t found my phone but at least I found a fuck friend!