GloryHole Secrets - Miss Demeanor @ 2020-04-03



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Miss D’s First Gloryhole Video Today is shaping up to be a bright, sunny day in the gloryhole. Even though it will be pitch black dark in there, like always, the smily face and bubbly attitude of sexy Miss Demeanor, this week’s new gloryhole star, will light up the room. The mouth on that smiling face is about to get filled with THIRTEEN COCKS as Miss Demeanor sucks and swallows all their cum. This 26-year-old cutie tells us she likes to be face-fucked when sucking dicks and to have them forced down her throat. Fortunately she has almost NO GAG REFLEX. She only rates herself a mere “7” on the cock-sucking 10-scale, but we learn in her exit interview that the guys gave her an average of 8.4. It’s always the girls who rate themselves the lowest who turn out to be the best. Miss Demeanor proves it with stats by chugging all those THIRTEEN LOADS down her throat. She does not discriminate; she likes all tastes of cum. Miss Demeanor will certainly sample them all today. This will also be a special shoot for Miss D. because not only is it her FIRST GLORYHOLE, but it is also her last scene with her natural boobs. If you vote Miss Demeanor back (and why wouldn’t you?), she’ll have a shiny new pair of tits for next time. To be honest, her naturals get pretty shiny this time with all the cum drizzled on them. You won’t want to miss Miss Demeanor’s GLORYHOLE DEBUT on!