Lesbea - Lexi Dona And Asia Rae @ 2020-03-29



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Pussy Licking Romance In High Heels Standing by the window wearing luxurious high heels and a yellow evening gown, Ebony smokeshow Asia Rae waits for her girlfriend, Lexi Dona, to get ready for their night out. Lexi comes up behind Asia wearing a tight, black dress, pulls her lover into her arms, and kisses her. Putting their evening on hold, the ladies move to the couch, where Lexi strips Asia so she can eat her pussy. Lexi eats Asia out, then fingers her pussy while the Ebony babe plays with her own tits. Asia sits on Lexi’s face, then cums. Lexi then sits on Asia’s face so she can cum hard too, then gets eaten out doggystyle for multiple orgasms!