Only 3 X Girls - Amaris And Skiley Jam @ 2020-03-31



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Horny Amaris And Skiley Jam Fingering And Licking Each Other These two BFF’s are hanging out in the living room. Skiley Jam and Amaris are one of the sexual fantasies in the neighborhood. Both are chilling out on the sofa as they are on the phone. Amaris, the blonde sweetie being naughty decides to take a selfie with their sexy bodies on display. They are wearing their two-piece bikini as they are planning to swim later but they are too busy posing for selfies. Until the blondie Amaris decides to turn selfies into a video by making out in front of the camera of their smartphone. The lovely Amaris wants more and Skiley Jam is down with that. That is why the latter decided to lick her nipples while they are recording it with their phone. The tease got real as both decide to remove their bra and you can’t help but notice how great their tits are. Both are perky, perfect for their sexy figure and their nipples look fresh with their pink colors. Every man would love to taste those nipples. Every teen and chick who have that indicates they have delectable goodies available.After both going topless, they kiss again while Amaris is hungry for her buddy’s pussy. She gets excited when she got a preview of her shaved cunt as Skiley is still wearing her panties. She even spreads her legs for easier access. Her tits and her pussy are on display in front of their phone. Skiley Jam doesn’t want to get all the pleasure that is why she gives back by stimulating Amaris’ tits and her cunt with her fingers and her tongue. After giving back it is time for them to do the 69 position, the mandatory position as both are getting their cunnilingus treatment making their shaved clits wet.Both of these horny lesbians are just getting started as after doing the 69 position they start doing the scissoring. Love seeing both of their coochies rubbing off each other while seeing both of their orgasmic faces. You can’t help but notice how beautiful and fresh their bodies are as they are fully naked. That is why these two are the most sought babes in the neighborhood. Too bad their bodies are only available at each other. We got lucky we got the opportunity to see these two lovely nymphos making out.After getting their pussies wet things starts to get rough as Skiley Jam finger fuck Amaris like it is their last. You can see the blonde chick screaming hard all over the room as she is getting all the pleasure nonstop. After that, Skiley Jam bends over as she got lick down there by Amaris on that position and the latter did the same. They found a position when they can finger each other as both cannot count how many orgasms they had. Both are glad they got it with their phone for future purposes.Both of these lesbians continue fingering their pussies as fast as they can. They finish off their session by doing it themselves. Definitely a nice view of both of their naked bodies sitting at the edge of the bedroom. They start fingering their own juicy clits and both finally got the orgasms that they want to finish this exhausting session. They browse their phone and watch videos of what they did and they look happy with what they are seeing.