Playboy Plus - Alina Lopez @ 2020-03-20



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Spotlight Sensation Alina Lopez is a force of nature in this striking and sexy pictorial from the producer, Blvck Hoodi, and director, wil•LIAMS. On set with dozens of spotlights shining on her, Alina is fiercely confident, dressed in all black lingerie and heels as she shows her Playboy Plus fans her gorgeous figure. When it comes to her everyday life, Alina likes to keep it more low-key. “I live a very simple life,” she says. “I have a wonderful [and] supportive family; I wear sweatpants to the grocery store, I say please and thank you — I keep my life happy and organized! There are many stereotypes about what kind of life a person like me might have. I think most would be disappointed to find out I’m what most people would call ‘normal,’” she adds with a laugh. When she’s not working, you can usually find Alina on the move. “I love being active. I love hiking, swimming, and yoga,” she says. “Even when I’m at home cooking or doing house chores, I always have music blasting, and I dance around as I work!” A positive and outgoing person in nature, Alina looks for someone who is as grounded as she is when dating. “Someone who loves their mom,” she says. “I look for people who are humble, kind, and confident.” Learn more about Alina, right here, only on Playboy Plus!