Playboy Plus - Chloe Rose And Estefania Henao @ 2020-03-22



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Spin The Bottle Have some fun with International models, Chloe and Estefania, in this week’s Playboy Girlfriends feature from the photographer, Henrik Pfeifer. On the set of an apartment overlooking the ocean, Chloe and Estefania play a sexy variation of spin the bottle — taking off pieces of their outfits each time the glass lands on them. “I’ve known Playboy all my life,” says Estefania. “My personal experience thus far has been very good!” Enjoying each other’s company, Chloe and Estefania dance totally nude to the upbeat music. “I feel comfortable posing nude; it’s something that comes to me very naturally,” says Chloe. “My best assets would be my face, breasts, waist, and behind. I think my body is very feminine.” Want to see more from these gorgeous models? Check out their pictorials, right here on Playboy Plus!