Playboy Plus - Ella Silver @ 2020-03-27



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Liberating Moments Playboy Muse, Ella Silver, returns to Playboy Plus with this stunning third pictorial. Looking breathtaking, Ella passes the time at home while the photographer, Kiley Coleman, captures her radiance. “What makes me, ‘me?’ I like making people happy or laugh,” says Ella of herself. “I’m a very confident person and an extrovert. I’m my happiest on stage or with large groups of people.” Dressed in nothing but white panties, Ella shows off her fit figure for our cameras. “It’s a body,” Ella begins bluntly. “We all have one, and I find it utterly absurd we still consider the human body taboo. Having the confidence to bare all should be the norm! Everyone is different. Everyone is beautiful.” When it comes to dating, Ella looks for someone who is their own person. “Other than confidence, I appreciate independence,” she says. “I think the best relationships are two people that are happy with themselves and coexist together.” As for sex, Ella advises men and women to enjoy themselves. “Take your goddamn time,” she laughs. “Everyone is in such a rush. The tease and build-up make it even better!” Make sure to check out all of Ella’s pictorials, right here on Playboy Plus!