Playboy Plus - Riley Anne @ 2020-04-06



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Reflecting Light Riley Anne stays in and creates her own daytime disco in this pictorial from the photographer, Cassandra Keyes. Beaming, Riley dances to the music as the sunlight creeps in and reflects off the disco balls on our set in Los Angeles. Days like this remind Riley of home. “I was born in Catawba County, NC,” she tells us. “The thing I love about it the most is how pretty the mountains are when the sun is setting over the Blue Ridge to the west!” At the start of her career, Playboy was always a brand Riley wanted to collaborate with. “I really envied the confidence of the girls when I was younger! It’s been a dream come true; I feel more confident naked than I do in clothes — it’s something I enjoy!” Make sure to check out all of Riley’s galleries, right here on Playboy Plus!