Sweetheart Video - Sarah Vandella And Liv Wild @ 2020-04-06


Lesbian Adventures Older Women Younger Girls Vol. 14 Scene 3 – Alone At Last Joey (Liv Wild) walks down the stairs and end up face to face with her twin sister Sami (Liv Wild) and her girlfriend Jaclyn (Jaclyn Taylor). She knows that, like her, sister loves women, but she surprises to learn that she’s into older women. After Jaclyn leaves for work, Sami comes back in the kitchen and ask Joey to go with her dad tonight and keep him away from the house. Sami and her stepmom Sarah (Sarah Vandella), want to prepare a surprise for Dad. Joey finds the request weird but agrees to help them, by keeping dad away from the house. Later that day, Sarah goes to visit Sami in her room, a big smile on her face. Sami comes closer to her and kiss her stepmom passionately. Finally, they have the house for themselves and they will use that precious time to please each other.