Viv Thomas - Marilyn Sugar @ 2020-03-31


Love Me Forever Cute Marilyn Sugar watches her elegant girlfriend Tina Tiny rush off to work – even though it’s the weekend, and their anniversary! As Bree Parker’s hot lesbian movie “Love Me Forever” begins, the sassy blonde prepares a romantic welcome home for her partner, dressing up in sexy lingerie and scattering rose petals on the bed. When Tina returns, she is greeted with a passionate kiss, taking off her smart business clothes to reveal her black lace bodysuit and stockings. Marilyn peels her lingerie down and begins sucking Tina’s stiff nipples and stroking her shaved pussy, then goes down to eat her, spreading the juicy pink folds open with her eager tongue. Tina gasps with arousal as her lover licks her asshole and sucks her clit, driving her wild. Now Tina pulls off Marilyn’s panties and high heels, kissing her toes and eating her pussy avidly. Marilyn strums her clit as Tina fingerbangs her to an intense orgasm, then repays the favor by eating Tina from behind, giving her a powerful climax. Romantics will adore the sweet ending!